Survey Interviewing & Project Management Centers


With capacity to handle in excess of 85,000 man-hours of telephone interviewing on a monthly basis, American Directions Group provides some of the largest capacity in the U.S. to handle our clients’ work.


State-of-the-art call center facilities

  • Located in the United States
  • Hundreds of interviewing stations
  • Computer-Assisted-Telephone-Interviewing (CATI) software
  • Web-assisted interviewing
  • Inbound and outbound capacity

Utilizing multiple facilities and all of our state-of-the-art telephony allows our research group to maximize capacity and efficiency for any project in the United States.  Part of the ADRG telephony solutions that support the research group include intelligent, respondent-friendly predictive dialing systems that enhance productivity and sample frame penetration. 

The interviewing and dialing systems utilized by the American Directions Group allow us to customize the sample management of any study to the specifications of the client. The dialing methodology employed is entirely customizable.