Case Study:  Fayetteville Public Works Fiber to the Home Study

ADRG has a great deal of experience in the utilities market, providing actionable information to our clients, and helping them enhance service levels to customers.

The city-owned utility in Fayetteville, North Carolina knew it  would gain the ability to offer additional services to customers as it transformed hundreds of miles of its fiber-optic network into what it calls a "smart grid." Along with the ability to help identify power outages more quickly, help customers save energy and allow the PWC eventually to charge electric rates based on energy demand during the day, it also would allow the PWC to pinpoint power outages by customer.

The "fiber-to-the-home" concept also could open the door to high-speed Internet, cable and local phone service to every electric meter. The City authorized the PWC to research the idea of branching into broadband, cable and phone service.

American Directions Research Group conducted a complete research survey via telephone, of PWC residential and business customers.  ADG prepared a full summary of findings and recommendations, and presented the results to the Commission.

About two-thirds of the residents polled said they would switch to the PWC if it offered cheaper cable or Internet service. That figure was 73 percent among business owners.