Survey Capabilities

American Directions Research Group provides the information needed to make timely, thoughtful decisions.   ADRG conducts data collection for a wide variety of clients ranging from the federal government to state governments, universities, corporations, non-profits and political pollsters.

American Directions has been interviewing Americans for over 30 years. Our company employs hundreds of personnel coast to coast, all of whom are united by our shared values and an unwavering commitment to quality.

Markets Served

Offering a wide range of survey research services, our team is comprised of research experts.

  • Tourism research

  • Legal venue attitude studies

  • Advertising copy tests

  • Telephone mystery shops

  • Radio music tests

  • High net worth and low income respondents

  • B2B interviews ranging from golf course greenskeepers to University administrators to corporate CEOs

  • and many others

ADRG currently maintains numerous interviewing centers, throughout the United States. These facilities house hundreds of interviewing stations, each equipped with the latest in computer-assisted-telephone-interviewing (CATI) software, as well as highly efficient, respondent-friendly predictive dialing systems.

In a typical year, American Directions Research Group will conduct in excess of 500,000 man-hours of telephone interviewing, completing customer satisfaction, political polling, advertising message testing, public policy studies and many other types of surveys.

Consumer Interviewing

ADRG is adept at reaching out to diverse populations, including wireless-only households, opinion elites and targeted ethnicities.

Business-to-Business Calling

Whether the respondent is a front desk clerk or a Fortune 500 CEO, specialized training and thousands of interviews' worth of experience allow ADRG interviewers to deliver the insights you seek.