In Language Surveys

The population United States of America is as diverse as the products they buy and the politicians they choose to represent them. American Directions specializes in reaching out to these diverse populations.  

Several of our interviewing facilities provide bilingual interviewing services in multiple languages. Our interviewers must be able to speak, read and write in English and the foreign language, fluently. ADRG’s locations provide a consistent pool of bilinguals from which to hire interviewers. It should be noted that these diverse markets allow ADRG to hire bilingual interviewers with a broad range of dialects, increasing the opportunity for the interviewer to establish rapport with a respondent, and successfully complete an interview.

Think of ADRG as your “Amigo fuerte y grande”
Our bilingual team can also help with survey translations, as well as recommendations on the best ways to draw a sampling frame containing more or less acculturated respondents.